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\  Right, so as I've never blogged before, I decided to look up the definition of the word before I started out writing one.  Blog, short for web log, an online, regularly updated journal or newsletter that is readily accessible to the general public by virtue of being posted on a website (Reference.com)....   Right...  So as I've never read another persons blog before, I decided to search the net for a few.  "Whenever i get close to someone i push them away and i get horrible/so annoying that they eventually give up on me...  Right... In fact, as I dove deeper into the interweb, I found that nearly every blog I came across was a 15 year old's frustrating account of their day at middle school.  Now see this well, in no way am I implying that they shouldn't blog, or update their Face Book. Go ahead type your little fingers into high school.  But there are two things that are really confusing me as I sit here typing this.  Firstly, who do these kids think are going to be reading these often less than sensible posts, and then more importantly WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ACTUALLY READING THEM?  Now i know most of these kids followers are going to be friends and various family members, but that doesn't account for "JERZEYJOE 16 y/o from WHERE ELSE BABY!" and his 611 followers.   Who are these people that wait for Joe and his daily updates of how his mom finally let him go to the tanning bed.  That to me and my everyday life, cannot be real.  As I'm writing this I am fully expecting not one of the millions upon millions of people accessing the internet daily, to ever even see this post.  Yet the update about Nikki and her appointment for a "mani/pedi!"  gets 34 thumbs up?  And these aren't just kids like this.  26 year old HawaiiJess, who I guarantee has never seen more than a picture of Hawaii, is "Goin to hit the clubs 2nite! Got the sexy dress on just for the boys".  And at that moment 350 guys around the world are beating there chests thinking this girl is wearing that dress just for him.  I just don't get it where is the illusion?  You sent her a friend request once and she lets you subscribe to her "private" blog, which now lets you comment frequently on her clubbin pix!  And these are grown men too, 25 26 even 30's often times and these guys are getting totally rad over this chick in her bikini on this Face Book page.  This is where the Social Networking experience fails.  It is a great tool to keep in touch with family members, meet new people on campus, or just say hello to that old friend from high school.  But when TinyJennyXoXoX gets over 5000 followers on her Livejournal because she has pictures and posts dirty surveys that thousands of guys spring on immediately, all of them convinced in their heads, that they're the only ones that are going to fill it out, the system begins to fallout around you.  It also seems to me that its a very shallow image, the whole internet persona.  Right now any man with access to a computer can make a Face Book page that portrays them as cool new Jimmy Pop the transfer student from Jefferson middle, and he knows how to smooth talk those girls on a comment board.  It just seems flawed.  And who is to blame.  Simple.  You.  Vague?  Yes.  But that is not bitterness in my letters, it's merely a marginal shock for me in a world that continues to disenchant me more and more with each passing day. Why in the world of Twitter do i care when Katy Perry takes her dog out for a walk.  Yet I would be willing to bet a toe on my left foot that she has more than 100,000 followers.  Did that do anything for you? No? Here, I'll spell it out for more drama.  One Hundred Thousand followers.  Microcosm for America much?

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 Another quite good community being neglected. People are abandoning LJ, which is a shame, because it was interesting and creative at one time. I'm going to hang on to mine regardless.

Are people as annoyed as I am about the dumbing down of social networking trends? Does anyone remember Geocities? You could create a whole page out of that, with real content, you even had to learn a little HTML. Even myspace required at least a couple of hours to customize, and had a little room for design, a bit of individuality (with limitations).
Now it's Facebook and Twitter, so I guess next in this creative deevolution we'll be communicating through grunts and gestures. Whoever comes up with a social network using only emoticons will make a fortune.

I just found this community so this is a dupe from my page

Lately I've been feeling run down by the trappings of everyday life and respondsibility. It seems like we're held to these arbitrary standards set by society, taught to value things we don't need and noone realizes it.
I want to break out of  the cycle of ambiguous individuality, but i have no idea how to do it.
The whole issue has left me pretty run-down and apathetic. I have no motivation to accomplish anything anymore, schoolwork, social life, material wealth which translates to success and value in our society.
I've taken to drinking most nights and smoking about a pack and a half of Camel filters, just watching TV all day. I don't even like TV, it's the most blatent display of the skewed priorities in our society.
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I've discovered a new law of physics. Everytime a classroom in any secondary school in New Zealand goes to a computer room, for any purpose whatsoever (Research, computer class, etc), every stupid person in the class will attempt to access Bebo. And probably succeed, depending on how bad the school filtering system is.
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New to group

My Oh My! I have found my soulmates!! How comforting it is to know that there are more people in the world like me! Cynics, through and through.

A little bit about me: I'm 22 and pissed off at the world. Frankly, life is just one big disappointment after the other.

I hate pretty much anything.. some examples. I hate happy people. You know, the kind that are so happy they have to be popping prozac and drinking just to stay as active as they are. I hate people who tell everyone that they are smart, really, it just makes you look stupid. I hate stupid people. I hate people who can't think for themselves. And I especially hate when David Hasselhoff is crying because Taylor Hicks is the next American Idol. Could somebody slap him and take his man-card already?!?
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I read some past posting before I joined this jolly little group. The Horror The Horror The unmitigated HATE and I have to ask WHY??? IF you don't like someone or something ignore them make them non people in your world. It drives them fucking crazy. Get some perpsective nothing they say or you say will mean shit in five years time.

In case your wondering the following groups no longer exist in my world:
Anybody who's religion is remotely based on a book
Anybody who still thinks they're saving the world
Anybody who would like me to feel remotely sorry for fuckwits
Anybody who believes the human race is special

Time solves all problems believe me in a hundred years time you wont have any problems

Hope all this isn't to cynical for you lot
ankara kiss

Bad day at a funeral.......

Today I went to a friend of mine's wake. Rowena was a very popular girl because she was intelligent and beautiful. But most of all, She was compassionate to others. She was very kind-hearted. During the wake, A friend of ours, April got up and did her eulogy. The eulogy was not about Rowena! It was April talking about herself! Then later on, April proceeded to say stupid things throughout the funeral such as "I'm just glad it wasn't me." or "I'm only crying because that could have been me and the entire would have been devastated!" She even said this to Rowena's mother. I was so fucking enraged but I didn't say anything. April then began to inappropriately fake-bawl (practically exaggerated howling) during the wake and she ended up yelling out, "That could have been ME! And you all would have been soooo sad!" I wanted to slap her right then and there. Later, Rowena's mother invited me over for dinner and April barged in right between us and said "Oooooooh! I'm comin' to dinner too, ya know! Ya hafta invite me!" By this time, I was smoking with rage. Later on after the dinner, April and I went home. While we were currently playing a video game together, April turns to me and said, "I know how you are feeling about Rowena. I mean, my favorite wrestler was stabbed. He survived, but he lost a kidney." I glared once again at her. Then April gave another tidbit of wise advise (tongue in cheek as I say this) She smiled at me and said, "Well, I almost died too once! Someone drove over my foot!"
I stared at her. Then April became talking about how "beautiful" she was and how "tiny" her ass was.

April...........a good friend. April.......a fucking idiot as well.

hey all

I recently joined this community and it will suit me well, especially considering one of the other communities have really pissed me off. I got kicked out of (APC) a_poetry_club by some stuck up bitch. I think the members are all a buncha cliques with their noses in the air rejecting anything that's not from their well-known friends. They act like your applying for Harvard University there! I even said, its a goddamn blog*!! So with that said, I am ::::
anti-APC, anti-gothic, anti-Hot Topic spawn, anti-emo, anti-anime, anti-drugs/drinking, anti-vegetarians, anti-hippies, anti-preps, anti-academics, anti-school, anti-valley girls, anti-ghetto, anti-celebrities, anti-republicans, anti-social, anti-organized religion.

There you have it. anyone else share my "interests" ? lol
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